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Welcome to the home of the Rust Experts.

If you have a rust removal or restoration project, you have come to the right website.

Being able to remove rust effectively is not an easy task, it takes proper chemicals, technique and sometimes tools, here at Rust Experts we provide you with proven and guaranteed rust removal products, instructions and any tools that you made need to make the job easier.

Removing the rust is the first step, providing rust prevention so that it does not return is the second and most important step. Rust removal is a project, having to do it again a few months or years later can be avoided if you take the time initially to do a thorough and complete job. Methods of preventing rust from returning can differ depending on the surface and the environment in which the object sits, sealers, paints and lubricants can all effectively prevent rust from returning, the Rust Experts will recommend the correct method for your unique situation.

The Rust Experts have taken the time to gather not only chemicals and tools but we have partnered with Krylon to provide you with the paints to complete any restoration project, automobile, motorcycle, bicycle, trucks and tractors are among the top projects completed by our customers. Restoration has become a hobby that can produce exceptional extra income, finding an older/antique item and spending the time to restore it is a great way to generate extra income for yourself or your family. Restoration has become popular with reality TV series that detail the type of work and income that one can expect to make.

The customer service staff at Rust Experts are experience in restoration and can provide answers and recommendations should you need them, feel free to call us at 1 (888) 908-9274 between 9-4 pm EST.

Rust Off

We use and recommend a product called Rust Off as our main rust removal agent. It is a non-corrosive product. We chose this product because it does not etch or otherwise mark up the surface that it is being used on in any way. It is also extremely easy and effective.

Check out the Rust Off page for more information.

Can Rust Off help me?

If you need rust removed from a surface, the answer is probably "yes"! We've listed just a sample of the possible surfaces that Rust Off can remove rust from. For more information about removing rust from any of the surfaces or items listed below, just click on the name of what you'd like to remove rust from.

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